javascript – Regex that matches all div tags

I need a regex expression that matches all div tags in the HTML code whithout using a DOM parser

I’ve tryed this

var expression = /<div\s*"?.*"?\s*>[\S\s]*?<\/div>/gi;
var regexpress = new RegExp(expression)

matches = text.match(regexpress);
if (matches != null) { returnarray.push(matches); }
return returnarray;

But the result:

input text:
<div wdlm></div>

output array:
element 1:<div wdlm></div> <div></div>
element 2:<div></div>

It takes 2 divs at the same time for the 1st element of the array.

By reading comments this is the solution

        var returnarray = [];
        var matches = null;
        var expression = /<div\s*"?.*?"?\s*>[\S\s]*?<\/div>/gi;       
        var regexpress = new RegExp(expression);
        matches = text.match(regexpress);
        if(matches != null) {
        return returnarray;

Also, I’m flipping my brain over a question:

Can the regex be allocated dynamically?

Something like

var expression = /<VARIABLE\s*"?.*"?\s*>[\S\s]*?<\/VARIABLE>/gi;

Where VARIABLE it’s a var VARIABLE, taking every element in the code by changing the input of VARIABLE and not only div?

Could someone help me with this, please?

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