javascript – Nest.js on Cloud Run Error: read ECONNRESET?

I’m trying to perform 3rd party API requests for fetching loads of paginated data (an array of ~16k objects with each object having ~25 key/value pairs), i thought i was getting rate limited but the requests run fine locally, only when i try to run that in Cloud Run i get this error:

Error: read ECONNRESET at TLSWrap.onStreamRead (node:internal/stream_base_commons:220:20)

I’m running a Nest.js server on Cloud Run with 4GiB memory, 2 CPUs, request timeout set to 2400 seconds and maximum requests per container to 80.

Also, the min max number of instances are set to 1 and 25 respectively if that helps.

And all of the traffic is routed through a VPC connector, it is a f1-micro instance with min instances set to 2 and max 10.

Does anyone know what’s causing this?

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