javascript – Adding multiple values TXT record on aws ROUTE 53 using nodejs

I am trying to create multi line TXT record on aws rout53 using nodejs. The issue is I am not able to insert the new line. below is the chunk of code.

nike = "verify_sdf5423456tfggg";

     Action: "UPSERT",
       ResourceRecordSet: {
           Name: domain.join("."),
             ResourceRecords: [
                 //here I need a new line after '?all'
                  Value: """ + "v=spf1 ?all" + """ + "n" + nike
               TTL: 300,
               Type: "TXT"

The output on TXT record should be like this

"v=spf1 ?all"

I have tried various options but not able to do this. Can someone please help me here? TIA

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