java – How to identify in Eclipse PDE the plugin or dependency that provides a package?

I am facing many instances of the following error message in the process of migrating an Eclipse plugin from Java 8 to Java 11. The build is using Tycho, but I’m not sure that matters much.

The package org.xml.sax.helpers is accessible from more than one module: <unnamed>, java.xml
The package javax.xml.parsers is accessible from more than one module: <unnamed>, java.xml

The message is explicit. The solution I consider is excluding the dependency that causes the duplication since this is now provided by the runtime environment.

My problem is that the target platform that I am using includes hundreds of JAR files and I can’t sift through the uncompressed version of each file to find out which one provides the packages.

If I could identify the dependency, or have the Java compiler write a more detailed error message, that would help me solve the issue.

Therefore, I used to search my Maven dependencies and the plugins folder of my target platform (Eclipse 2020-09), to no avail.

Is there in PDE a possibility to identify the plugin that provides a specific Java package?

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