jack – Sound card ignored after Pipewire installed

I am a bit lost with JACK, pulseaudio and PipeWie.

When JACK server is not started, I can see my sound card as Output Devices, and I can use it as output.

enter image description here

When I start JACK using QjackCtl, and if pavucontrol is opened, I got this error: Could not conect to JACK server as client

enter image description here

And when I start JACK, without pavucontrol opened, JACK starts, but my sound card as output seams ignored, I can’t switch to it in the pulseaudio panel plugin.

enter image description here

I recently installed PipeWire, and pactl info returns …Server Name: PulseAudio (on PipeWire 0.3.48)…

As I understand it, PipeWire is supposed to allow to see my sound card input and output in QjackCtl when the JACK server is running, but it’s not the case yet. What can-I do?

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