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DarkStar wrote:

Sun Sep 01, 2019 12:34 pm

Question: What, if anything does Neutron 3 Elements add over Ozone 8?

I don’t own elements, I have the suite. I think the difference between Neutron and Ozone is one of purpose. Ozone is made for living on a bus. Neutron may be using similar modules and probably very similar code under the hood, but the layout, settings and style of it is for individual tracks. I think they kept this in mind when designing the tools.

For instance, just looking at the compressor. Ozone advanced has mid/side and L/R modes, but Neutron doesn’t.
On the other hand, Neutron exposes the knee, offers a toggle between RMS, peak and true peak detection. I don’t know why these things are not in Ozone, but that’s how it its. Also Ozone has 3 comp modes vs Neutron’s 2 modes. Why? Not sure.

The compression behavior of both is similar though. It’s a distinctive compressor when compared to other brands. But they’ve clearly put a lot of thought into what’s available in each compressor, and operating them feels different for a module that should more or less be the same on both.

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