Issue with JLinkARM.dll with nRF Connect for Visual Studio Code – Nordic Q&A – Nordic DevZone

On a freshly installed Windows 10 system, I’ve run in to a problem with the JLinkARM.dll and nRF Connect for Visual Studio Code. If I download and install the latest JLink_Windows_V756b_x86_64.exe, attempts to scan for connected boards with nRF Connect for Visual Studio Code will result in the following error in the Output Log (Extension Host):

[2021-10-24 18:04:46.849] [exthost] [error] Error: ERROR: JLinkARM DLL is invalid. Please reinstall latest JLinkARM DLL.

This appears to be the same error given when the J-Link package is not installed.

This problem can be fixed by uninstalling the J-Link package and installing the older v6.88a version that comes with nrfconnect-setup-3.7.1-ia32.exe.

My first guess is that nRF Connect for VS Code isn’t looking in the right place for the newer JLinkARM.dll. A fresh install of the newer J-Link packages now goes into C:Program Files by default, and not into C:Program Files (x86) like the older versions did.

Updating the v6.88a install to the latest J-Link package, and keeping the install in C:Program Files (x86), doesn’t cause any problems and the error does not reappear.

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