Is there a list of ways R scripts (and/or Shiny data products) can be put into productionisation? – General

It would be really nice if they can be compiled into some .app or .exe files, but I’m guessing this is not possible at the moment, with some attempts in the past (I found an abandoned Electron project, for example).

I’m guessing R Studio Server may let a client/user load the script via a web browser, and web browsers are widely used. But this requires an R Studio Server to be installed and cannot be provided headless.

An HTML file can be generated with R Markdowns (and Bookdowns as well, right?) where client/user can just open the HTML file on their phone also, but is this really industry standard?

What about using R with Jenkins? I saw some tutorials, but I’m missing few puzzle pieces to really understand how they are setup (e.g. RStudio Connect) to execute the script. What are some examples Jenkins taking input from the client/user to create an output? How would Jenkins get R scripts from Github and not just sit there with the R script files, but actually execute them?

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