Is there a Guitar VST that can do actually decent rhythm guitar? – Page 11 – Instruments Forum

I just read through all the replies, very interesting tips and discussions! I took a break from producing.

Has there been any new guitars released that are better at rhythm programming since 2018?

I’ll check out OTS rock standard, it looks promising.

Electri6ity is huge library, I never thought about getting it cause it was from 2010 or so, I’ll look up demos on youtube.

I heard shreddage 2 only samples powerchords 1 5 1 and isn’t so good at rhythm guitar on another forum Not sure about Shreddage 3, there’s alot of new guitar VSTS I don’t know about I need to look up like Heavier7Strings, and Shreddage3.

Seems there’s new amps that are better than Amplitube and Bias, like Neural DSP and stuff now.

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