Is it true that MuseScore has an Edit Mode and a Note Entering Mode?

I noticed when I first create a new piece, it is in Edit Mode, I think, so anything done right now is for editing.

To enter note either by moving the note to the staff, or by clicking on the MuseScore keyboard, we have to click on the “N” button at the top left corner of the window first. And then we will be in “Note Entering Mode”. Click the “N” again and it is back to Edit mode.

Is this how to understand it?

It rings a bell how the text editor vi or vim is. To start typing in a new file, we have to tap “i” to go into the insert mode, and then press ESC to go back to the COMMAND mode. It was more like emacs or Word for Windows which would directly go into the enter or insert mode… nothing wrong with vi… just a way of many ways.

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