Installing docker through apt vs snap?

I’m starting to build my own media server which will use docker for different packages. Mainly plex, radarr, and so on.

Although I’ve dabbled a bit with linux before, I was never aware of what snap is, always used apt.

Now that i started reading on it, I can see the appeal for certain usages, mainly for testing and self contained programs such as GIMP.

However, I’m confused with docker, since it connects its own containers to other containers and then to the system. Would that mean the docker container are within the snap container, if I installed it through snap?

Are there any noticeable differences between snap and apt for docker specifically? Any functional difference? Any usage difference that I might end up hitting a while later down the road?

I.e if I were to receive a computer with docker installed with either one, would my usage differ from one to other or is it all the same? I read that some people said snap boots slower sometimes, but other than that, is there a difference?

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