Installation – DualSPHysics/DesignSPHysics Wiki

This page explains how to install DesignSPHysics in Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux.


For installing you will need:

Installing a release version

To install a release version, open FreeCAD 0.18+ and go to the menu Macro -> Macros… From there, press the Addons… button on the bottom right corner, search for DesignSPHysics and click Install / Update. FreeCAD will advise you to reboot the application and you’ll be set.

Take in mind that as it includes DualSPHysics, the package may take a while to download.

To execute DesignSPHysics just open the same Macro dialog and double click DualSPHysics.

Installing a development build

Clone with git the branch that you like from the repository and rename the folder to ‘DesignSPHysics’. Then copy the folder to the Mod folder of the FreeCAD installation directory.

By default, for example, in Windows, it is located in %appdata%/FreeCAD/Mod or in Linux in ~/.FreeCAD/Mod

Then copy the file DesignSPHysics.FCMacro of the repository main folder into the FreeCAD macro directory (%appdata%/FreeCAD/Macro on Windows; ~/.FreeCAD/Macro on GNU/Linux) and you’ll be set.

Take in mind development builds could be incomplete or have unfixed bugs.

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