In Visual Studio, all exception settings are unchecked still some exceptions get thrown and debugging stops (C#)

In visual Studio, I have unchecked all the Exceptions in “Exception Settings”
Image of Exception Settings

“Enable Just My Code” is checked in Debugging General Options
Image of Enable Just My Code

Still some Exceptions get thrown

There is an option “Break when this exception type is user-unhandeled” and it is “checked”
Image of Exception Which Comes

The Exception was originally thrown at the call stack
[External Code]
[External Code]

I don’t want the debugging to stop even though the exceptions come (for the time being), so I unchecked the box of “Break when this exception type is user-unhandeled”.
But after some hours some other user unhandeled exceptions comes. Are there some settings which can be changed so that the exceptions dont need to be unchecked manually.

What settings are being missed that the “Break when this exception type is user-unhandeled” is “checked”.

Sorry, couldn’t paste the images as not allowed to, so attaching the links

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