Import CSV and isolate single data point – Applications

Oh, SNAP-R1… Opps, my bad, I should have asked that up front… ie, what controller/hardware are you using…

Ok, since its an R1, I think the way I would go about it is to run Node-RED on a Windows PC.
Use a Windows bat file to pull the Excel and convert to CSV every 30 minutes.
Use Node-RED to read that CSV in and get the single column of data you want.
Then use Node-RED to do a REST call on the R1 and send it the data.

Another option would be to run SoftPAC on a Windows PC and it could pull the CSV and talk to the R1 as remote IO.

The bat file to convert the Excel to CSV will be on you, that’s outside of the Opto sandbox. (There might be others on the forums that have done this – if so, sound off please).

Do you have any other programming experience? PAC Control sounds new to you, but I am just trying to get a feel for what option might be the best, Node-RED or PAC Control… either will a little learning curve.

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