I installed EndeavorOS alongside Linux Mint and now my laptop does not boot into EndeavorOS – Newbie

I had installed Linux Mint on my laptop. Then I came across Endeavor OS so I decided to give it a try.
I booted into the live Endeavor OS session and used GParted to create an empty ext4 partition for the / of endeavor OS. Then I started the Calameres installer.

Everything went fine until the disk space allotment stage. There I chose “Install alongside” and just selected the empty partition I had created using GParted. That is it. I did not create a /boot/efi partition.

My Linux Mint OS boots from /boot partition that is formatted to FAT32 fs. I know that endeavor OS needs a /boot/efi partition to begin booting but I didn’t create a separate partition for that as I thought Endeavour OS would automatically detect the boot partition and include an entry for itself alongside the Linux Mint OS’s entry.

As I didn’t create a /boot/efi parition. I should have gotten an error but I didn’t. Now when I switch on my laptop, I boot directly into Linux Mint. I know for sure that Endeavor OS is still there on the partition I installed it on. Is there a way to get a grub listing for both the OSes I have installed on my laptop SSD?

Thanks in advance for help.

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