hybris – Problems importing SAP Commerce 2105 into Eclipse

I have successfully upgraded my localhost copy of SAP Commerce 2005 to 2105, and I’m now in the process of importing the 2105 platform into my Eclipse IDE. This import process runs for a long time and eventually errors out with the following error:

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

I’ve tried increasing heap size for Eclipse multiple times, but I still end up running out of memory. I’m using the Hybris/Eclipse plugin to do this.

It appears that the smartedit module has significantly increased in size and seems to be the culprit in getting the platform to load.

I’ve read that it’s not possible to load the 2105 platform into Eclipse with the smartedit projects included, and I’ve also read that upgrading the version of the Hybris/Eclipse plugin does not help either.

What is everyone else doing to solve this problem? I’ve tried several times loading individual projects, making sure to exclude any project with the name ‘smartedit’ in it, but it still runs for a long time and then exits with the out of memory error.

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