how to use json file in html code

To show the data in tables in an HTML website, I need to know how to use the json file I received from the server. The json file is being parsed using JavaScript. I’m fresh to this industry. Please provide a hand.

    "items": [
            "movieID": "65086",
            "title": "The Woman in Black",
            "poster": "/kArMj2qsOnpxBCpSa3RQ0XemUiX.jpg"
            "movieID": "76726",
            "title": "Chronicle",
            "poster": "/853mMoSc5d6CH8uAV9Yq0iHfjor.jpg"

I have a json file called mydata.json that contains json-encoded data.

I want to get this information and process it using JavaScript in the file index.html. But how can I embed a connect.json file in an HTML document?

Please tell me. I have my json file here:

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