How to use Conda-installed Python module outside environment

I have downloaded cusignal with Conda using:

conda create -n rapids-22.02 -c rapidsai -c nvidia -c conda-forge \
    cusignal=22.02 python=3.8 cudatoolkit=11.2

I have many other libraries that I use in main terminal, i.e., without activating environment. However, I cannot access the cusignal module from there:

mark@linuxdesktop:~ python3
>>import cusignal

No library found.
But when I activate the environment that I have downloaded the cusignal library it doesn’t give any error.

(rapids-22.02) mark@linuxdesktop:~ python3
>>import cusignal

To be able to use the cusignal properties in main system, is there any way to access that library without activating this environment?

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