How to save edit in Mreverb please? – MeldaProduction Forum

First of all, the Devices on the left-hand side are fixed; you cannot overwrite them.

Once you have made adjustments to the control parameters for one of those devices, or to any of the control parameters on the [Edit] screen:
— click [Presets] in the MRverb title bar to open the Presets Browser,
— add a new folder if you want and name it,
— navigate to the folder,
— click [Add] on the right-hand side and name the preset.

Later on, you can open the Presets browser, navigate to that folder, select the preset and click [Load}.

To save the parameter values so that they are restored each time you load new instance of MReverb:
— set all the values desired,
— to be thorough, open the Toolbar on the right-hand side, click the Copy to Clipboard button, then hold Shift and click the Paste from clipboard button – this will copy all the parameter values to all 8 of the A…H slots,
— click [Settings] in the title bar and click [Set default settings].

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