How to redirect the daemon output to pipe with BusyBox’s start-stop-daemon?

In my development environment which is an Ubuntu 20.04, the start-stop-daemon tool has the -C --no-close option to prevent closing any file descriptor in use. Using that option I can redirect the output of any program to a pipe as below.

start-stop-daemon --name MyProgram -C -S -b -x "<PATH_TO_APP>/app.elf" > "output.fifo"

-C, –no-close

Do not close any file descriptor when forcing the daemon
into the background (since version 1.16.5). Used for
debugging purposes to see the process output, or to
redirect file descriptors to log the process output.
Only relevant when using –background.

However, the BusyBox version of the start-stop-daemon which I utilize on my execution environment doesn’t have that option. See the --help page below.

    start-stop-daemon [OPTIONS] [-S|-K] ... [-- ARGS...]

Search for matching processes, and then
-K: stop all matching processes
-S: start a process unless a matching process is found

Process matching:
        -u USERNAME|UID        Match only this user's processes
        -n NAME                Match processes with NAME
                        in comm field in /proc/PID/stat
        -x EXECUTABLE        Match processes with this command
                        in /proc/PID/cmdline
        -p FILE                Match a process with PID from FILE
        All specified conditions must match
-S only:
        -x EXECUTABLE        Program to run
        -a NAME                Zeroth argument
        -b                Background
        -N N                Change nice level
        -c USER[:[GRP]]        Change user/group
        -m                Write PID to pidfile specified by -p
-K only:
        -s SIG                Signal to send
        -t                Match only, exit with 0 if found
        -o                Exit with status 0 if nothing is done
        -v                Verbose
        -q                Quiet

So, is there a way of redirecting the output while using the daemon tool?

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