How to point Grub to boot Windows WOA (Windows on Arm) installer?

I’ve created a USB-Based Windows (WOA) installer for an Aarch64 based system and have a current Linux Based distro-installed using Grub. I’ve been searching online: Boot to Windows installer from USB drive in GNU GRUB (and a couple of sites)

Granted my Knowledge on using Grub is quite limited. But know enough to at-least get to Grub’s Terminal. Tried my best to follow everything as much as possible.

But have been poking and prodding around the the bootable usb and noticed

  • /efi/microsoft/boot/cdboot.efi
  • /efi/microsoft/boot/cdboot_noprompt.efi
  • /efi/boot/bootaa64.efi

(able to view boot partition in host OS)

Tried to go through every option that gets listed when accessing Grubs Terminal and typing ls & then typing set root=(...).
Then trying chainloader /path/to/file, then boot. Unfortunately, the only print statement that chainloader returns is either my boot partition or could not detect filesystem.
What could I be missing?

(If I’m posting this type of question in the wrong site, please let me know and I can move it somewhere else – not trying to upset anyone. Still a little confused between Stackoverflow, Superuser, & this site on what types of questions go where)

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