How to move from dual boot to pure Manjaro + VM – Installation & Boot

Hi, this thread as I’d like to have a pure Manjaro with VM on my Victus that was bought with W10 upgrade to 11 to which I added a dual boot.

  1. My /home is on another SSD
  2. My system has all sorts of packages : Aur, Flatpak, pnpm, gem…
  3. / & /home backup on Timeshift.

I could do a fresh install and re-set everything, but this is fastidious !

How should I process to preserve all my packages tweeks & settings ?

  • A clean install + timeshift restore ?
  • Manual listing of all apps and settings ?

For the VM, could Gnome boxes be sufficient or will I have to use virtualbox ?

Lost of questions, I’ll be happy to know your hints.

(I already searched and found Windows OEM serial)

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