How to Install TWRP Recovery for All Android Devices

Things can get a little complicated when we need to flash a new rom to our phones. How to root, how to install Custom Recovery, etc. Researching and applying takes a lot of time. But with the method I will tell you here, you will be able to install TWRP Recovery with a very simple process. Even without the need for operations such as connecting to a computer or download mode. Before you start, you must have rooted your device. You can find out about the proper root method by searching the model number of your device on our site.

Now we can move on to our action. Let’s download the application called TWRP Manager from the Google Play Store and enter our application. Click on the ellipsis icon in the upper left as in the picture. Select the “Install TWRP” option from the window that opens, select the appropriate model from the listed model names and tap the “Install Recovery” option. The application will start to install and the installation will be successful when your device is turned off and on again.

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