How to fix GApps Error Code 70 issue

In this tutorial, we will be sharing different methods that will help you to fix GApps Error Code 70 issue, which stands for “Google Applications,” is a collection of the most important G Suite apps for Android devices. When you flash a custom ROM to your device, you have to install these apps by hand. If you flashed a custom ROM on your own, flashing GApps shouldn’t be hard either.

Error 70 is very common when installing GApps, and it happens on most devices. This means that you don’t have enough space on the system partition to store everything. This happens most often with older phones, but there are a few things you can try that might help. This article will talk about fix GApps Error Code 70 issue.

How to fix GApps Error Code 70 issue

Flashing Pico GApps

Pico GApps are the smallest and most compressed version of the GApps package file. Follow these steps to get them on your device and get rid of the error 70 when installing Gapps in TWRP:

Resize System Partition

Most of the time, error 70 happens when installing Gapps in TWRP because the system partition is too small. So, we’ll try to resize the system partition with this method. This will help us fix error 70 when trying to install Gapps in TWRP. To do this, follow the steps below:

Using GApps config.txt

In this method, we’ll make a new text file for GApps configuration and copy it into the GApps zip file. Follow the steps below to do so.

  • Create a text file on your computer.
  • Name the text file as gapps-config.
  • Open gapps-config in any text editor, and write the following lines
  • Save the changes.
  • Now, copy the GApps Zip file into your computer.
  • Extract it using your favorite archiver.
  • Copy the gapps-config text file into the extracted folder.
  • Zip the GApps file again.
  • Now, Install the file from the TWRP recovery.


How do I fix error 70 on GApps?

Less space on the system partition of the device is the main cause of error 70 when installing Gapps in TWRP. That means you have to get rid of some apps to make room for the Open Gapps package to install. Most older Android devices with 2GB or less of storage or less have this problem.

What does error code 70 mean?

When a merchant gets a chargeback for a transaction made with a Visa card, the reason code 70 may show up. This means that the transaction was not properly authorised and the cardholder doesn’t think they should have to pay for it.

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