How to change the build toolset?

I’d like to build Chromium with an older Visual C++ runtime or one of the toolsets like v141_xp. I’m in a group that is backporting Chromium for Windows XP and we replaced almost all the missing functions a while ago.

The problem is that our current builds show errors for functions that aren’t in the code. This wasn’t a problem when our project started in April 2019. It started happening when I synced the code in either late 2019 or early 2020. I remember using VS 2015 at the beginning, but I just checked the Wayback Machine and it required VS 2017 at that time, so I think the toolset was changed somewhere in the Chromium code in 2019. I used the code search and searched for commits around that time that are related to the build tools but I couldn’t find anything.

We would appreciate any advice you can think of. Thanks in advance.

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