How can one know if a bug fix made its way to the public stable release?

Chromium version number always ends on .0 i.e. 107.0.5304.0, it’s always linear. The last number changes in Google Chrome releases that include back-merged fixes from the “future” of this version. Commits are pushed into the trunk branch linearly and each commit receives a revision number like 1043598 in the fix you’re looking for. Binaries are built for each commit by internal Google build bots. Every few hours the latest binary for each platform is pushed into the snapshot repository, there’s a download page for the latest binary, there’s also the official script that downloads from this repository. Every day/week/month/quarter or so Chrome Canary/Dev/Beta/Stable is released, its revision being 0. When there are important fixes they are first committed as usual into the linear trunk branch, then tested in Canary for a day, then back-merged into the more stable channels, then the last number in the version string is increased and a new update is released. There’s also another official resolver at – click “Find release” and paste a commit hash or revision number and it’ll show versions that include the original commit and its back-merges into current Chrome channels.

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