How can I look at the current environmental variables that eclipse IDE is using?

There is actually a way to see the env vars. It is not implemented as a function, but part of other tasks.

You can right click on any projects in Package Explorer, then click

Run As -> Run Configurations.
And here, in tab Environment -> Select…

Here you go. The list of system env Eclipse inherited are shown here.

Eclipse’s environment will inherit from the user executing it. Depending on your OS, you should have a command line tool to tell you.

You can also look at the configuration:


  • Help menu -> About Eclipse
  • Installation Details button
  • Configuration tab

On Windows, if you have Sysinternals Process Explorer installed – which I would strongly suggest any developer do – then you can:

  1. Use the target icon (at the top of Process Explorer) and click on the Eclipse window which will select the Eclipse Process ID in the Process table
  2. Right-click on the selected Eclipse entry and select Properties… from the context menu
  3. Click on Environment

On Linux

  1. If you need the PID, then use the following and click on the Eclipse window: xprop | grep -i pid
  2. Replace ${PID} with the PID of the Eclipse Process ID: strings /proc/${PID}/environ

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