hobbseltoff’s Completed Build – GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB SC GAMING ACX 3.0, Define R5 ATX Mid Tower

This is my unRAID server build, based off a Xeon W-1290P CPU. I bought the CPU/motherboard/RAM combo off of /r/HardwareSwap for $600 which was an extremely good deal.

For storage, I bought four WD Elements 12TB external HDDs on sale and shucked the drives. They turned out to be WD120EDAZ white labels. I keep three of them in the system for 24TB of storage with 1 drive parity and fourth as a cold spare. I have a 1TB Intel 665p NVMe SSD as a cache drive.

The primary purpose of this server is to run Plex, I use the LinuxServer.io Docker image. I had a spare GTX 1070 I bought from a friend and threw it in for transcoding.

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