Report: A Breathing Controlled Multimedia Player for Reducing Breathing Rate, before-after with active control

51 healthy adults participated in a trial, and they were blindly randomized into two groups. Both groups were shown an image (Figure 3) and were instructed to apply the headset accordingly.

First group (active group, 26 subjects) were watching a youtube video (Psy: Gangnam style, length 4:13) which started and paused according to their activity of exhaling through pursed lips as described above. The second group  (control group, 25 subjects) were watching the same youtube video which played independent of their breathing. Breathing rate in both groups was assessed by a sensor measuring expansion of abdomen and value of breaths-per-minute (BPM) was calculated by the Mindmedia Nexus 10 computer software.  In both groups breathing rate before and after watching youtube video was assessed. Read the full paper here