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BBFG# wrote:

Fri Nov 26, 2021 6:39 am

I find myself asking what is the future plans of Waverazor?

I can’t really comment on our exact future plans for Waverazor, other than to say it is our first child, very dear to our hearts, and will continue to be supported for the forseeable future. I made a lot of nifty little additions and improvements in our engine and UI during the Miniraze development, and I am looking forward to rolling a lot of those things back into Waverazor as soon as I get some breathing room. It is on our minds at MOK to keep Waverazor alive and fresh.

Hopefully this is also evidenced by the large number of updates we have made since Waverazor v1.0 (2017) and have not ever charged for an update.

Miniraze, although born from the Waverazor engine, is a different approach to our synthesis, intended to be easier to understand and much faster for programming sounds. Waverazor is super deep and patch programming takes a fair bit of time, as you have a myriad of options to choose from at every step. Our hope is that these two approaches to our synthesis are complimentary, and each user will find the route that suites them best.

All the best. Rob / MOK

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