graphql – Failed to precompile build script/Ferry with Flutter

I get this error after “flutter pub run build_runner build –delete-conflicting-outputs” , while I’m using ferry generator

[INFO] Generating build script...
[INFO] Generating build script completed, took 3.9s

[INFO] Precompiling build script......
[WARNING] /C:/src/flutter/.pub-cache/hosted/
er-0.3.0-alpha.0/lib/src/ast.dart:618:12: Error: A non-null value must be r
eturned since the return type 'Expression' doesn't allow null.
 - 'Expression' is from 'package:code_builder/src/specs/expression.dart' ('
Expression _directiveLocation(DirectiveLocation location) {
[INFO] Precompiling build script... completed, took 1m 19s

[SEVERE] Failed to precompile build script .dart_tool/build/entrypoint/buil
This is likely caused by a misconfigured builder definition.

pub finished with exit code 78

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