google cloud platform – Not able to add allUsers to newly created gen 1 Firebase function in us-central1

I have a Firebase project that has been running for more than a year, and I’ve added functions on a monthly basis without issue. This week I’ve made two new HTTP triggered functions, but I am not able to add the allUsers principal with the Cloud Function Invoker role. I am getting this error:

Error: Principals of type allUsers and allAuthenticatedUsers cannot be added to this resource

Notable info:

  • The functions are of Gen 1
  • The functions are located in us-central1
  • The project is not part of an Organization, and thus the public data sharing settings mentioned some places should not be an issue.
  • The trigger looks like this (I just replaced function and handler name):
  • The runtime is Node 14
exports.FUNCTIONNAME = functions
    .onRequest(async (request, response) => HANDLERNAME(request, response))

I’ve tried the different approaches from the following question, but to no avail. Newly Created Firebase Functions Throwing UNAUTHENTICATED Error

In the 2023 update thread user Pedro Andrade is having the same issue as me.
I am sending a support request to Firebase in parallell with this question (through this link

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