google cloud platform – How to run a kubernetes deployment on a node and scale on another node/pool?

I’m running an b2b application on a GKE cluster (1 pool, 2 nodes).
They are normal nodes, because the uptime is critical

However, I’ve created a secondary pool with Spot VMs with more powerful machines, but I want to allow kubernetes to use it only for scaling purposes.

Let’s take this example:

  • current state – default-pool: app-1 (3 replicas)
  • wanted state
    • default-pool: app-1 (3 replicas)
    • spot-pool: app-1 (5 more replicas)

I want to give my clients a little boost in performance without worrying about uptime.

PS. currently on a test cluster, after adding the Spot-pool, GKE decided to move there the entire app (I didn’t have a nodeselector) and I ended up with default-pool (just system services) and spot-pool with my app

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