Glue avro schema registry with flink and kafka for any object

I am trying to registry and serialize an abject with flink, kafka, glue and avro. I’ve seen this method which I’m trying.

Schema schema = parser.parse(new File("path/to/avro/file"));
GlueSchemaRegistryAvroSerializationSchema<GenericRecord> test= GlueSchemaRegistryAvroSerializationSchema.forGeneric(schema, topic, configs);
FlinkKafkaProducer<GenericRecord> producer = new FlinkKafkaProducer<GenericRecord>(

My problem is that this system doesn’t allow to include an object different than GenericRecord, the object that I want to send is another and is very big. So big that is too complex to transform to GenericRecord.

I don’t find too much documentation. How can I send an object different than GenericRecord, or any way to include my object inside GenericRecord?

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