GLIBC 2.24 on Debian 9 is too old for some of my node.js dependencies. Any solutions

Good afternoon!

I have a NodeJS application that is making use of Sqlite3. When deploying, I discovered that Sqlite3 needs GLIBC 2.29. The App Service container OS is Debian 9 and it looks like the version of GLIBC installed is 2.24.

If this were a VM that would be persisted between deployments, it would be an easy fix to just install the correct version and call it good.

Is there any way to get the container that is running my app to use something newer than Debian 9 where GLIBC 2.29 is the default installed version?

Alternatively, is there any way to force the Sqlite3 npm package to just use GLIBC 2.24?

Thanks in advance!

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