Ghana Drums by Karoryfer – African Percussion

A collection of West African percussion instruments, including:

  • Low drums: dondo, gome, tumpani, fontomfrom, br3k3t3, merima, atihom, asafo, three different tamalens.
  • High drums: djembe, atim3vu, havana, adewu, sogo, kidi, kagan, ma, pati male and female.
  • Bells: gankogui single, gankogui double, toke, firikyiwa.
  • Shakers: axatse, akaye.
  • Bonus loops and freestyles.
  • Five round robins throughout.
  • Three velocity layers for all drums and most of the bells except the firikyiwa and some of the gankogui bends, and the akaye.
  • Over 1700 samples adding up to over 900 MB.
  • Over 500 MB of loops and freestyles.


{See video at top of page}

Requires Plogue Sforzando 1.971 or newer, 4 GB RAM and an SSD.

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