Getting started – building an App that takes data and processes it

Hi Azure Community,

I am a complete noobie on here and i am looking to get kick started which i think i will be able to find my momentum.

Essentially i am looking to create an app that takes in data sets, runs some calculations and presents it back with the ability to interact and manipulate the data (future integration with SAP and other platofrms to pull the data directly out).

The data that is presented to you is to make an informed decision and upon confirming the decision being made and any overrides you put in place i want that data to be captured and also stored.

Ive been reading and believe i need to use the below services but dont actually know how to get started:

  • Azure functions
  • Azure Logic apps
  • Azure SQL Databse
  • possibly Azure machine learning but at this stage don’t require it

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