[unity3d problem summary] | solution to license server connection failure in unity hub

Unity Little science popularization

Old rules , Let me introduce you Unity A little knowledge of popular science :

  • Unity yes real time 3D Interactive content creation and operation platform .
  • Include Game development The fine arts Architecture Automobile design Movies All creators including , With the help of Unity Turn ideas into reality .
  • Unity The platform provides a complete set of software solutions , Can be used to create 、 Operate and realize any real-time interactive 2D and 3D Content , Support platforms include mobile phone The tablet PC Game consoles Augmented reality and Virtual reality device .
  • You can also simply put Unity Understood as a The game engine , It can be used for professional production game

Unity Learn little knowledge

stay Unity Hub in License server connection failed Solution

In the use of Unity Occasionally in the process of License server connection failed This situation leads to failure of normal use Unity

The following summarizes several solutions to this situation ( If one method cannot be solved, try another )

  • The first method : Delete C:ProgramDataUnity Folder and C/ User folders AppDataRoamingUnity , Then open the Unity Hub Reactivate

  • The second method : restart Unity Hub, Restart the computer ! Then open the Unity Hub Reactivate

  • The third method : sign out Unity Hub account number , Log in again after disconnection , Then open the Unity Hub Reactivate

  • The fourth method : Use manual activation , Reselect License

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Tips : The way to activate a license is simple , Say it again here , It’s convenient for little friends who don’t know to use it quickly

1. open Unity Hub, Select this pinion
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2. Click on License management -> Activate license
 Insert picture description here 3. choice Unity Personal Edition -> I don’t use it as a professional Unity. Click Finish
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And then wait Unity Hub Just update the license !

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