Open a unity project step

First of all, for those supporting unityhub above 2018, install unityhub first and download it from

Then open the unit project directory

Find projectversion.txt under projectsettings

Open the txt file to know the unity version of the project

Go to to download the corresponding version of unity. If there is no corresponding version, you can download a closer version. For example, for the project of 2019.2.7f1, you can try to open it with other versions of 2019.2 series. Generally, it is recommended to open the low version project with the high version of unity, and it is not recommended to open the high version project with the low version of unity.

After opening the official website of, first log in to unity

Here, you need to download the unityconnect app on the mobile terminal, log in and register with wechat, and then use the app to scan the QR code to log in. You can also register and log in directly using your mailbox.

After logging in, click download unity

You can select the corresponding unit version to download here.

Of course, you need to download the unity hub and the unity editor installation package first

When the unityhub and unity are installed   After the editor opens the unityhub, you also need to log in to the unityhub and activate the license

Select the personal license and click Finish to activate it.

After activation, add the installed version here to the unit just installed   Add editor here and locate the unit.exe program.

Then click project, add the unit project here, and navigate to the unit project directory

After adding, select the corresponding unit version in the unit version. If the corresponding unit version has been installed, the corresponding unit version will be automatically selected, and click the project to be opened to open the project.

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