Issues Installing Unreal Connector? – Unreal Engine 4

In the past I’ve had to move my EpicGamesLauncher-installed engines around, either due to hard disk space, or just having a disk die and stop spinning. When this happens there is sometimes a disconnect between where the registry and config files indicate that your engines are installed and where they’re actually installed.

After reinstalling 4.25 from Epic Games Launcher, I received this error when trying to update my Connector from the Omniverse Launcher:

When we install the Omniverse Unreal Connector we take these steps to determine where Unreal Engine is installed. I’m listing them here so that if you encounter these issues you can modify the registry or manifest files appropriately.

  1. The installer checks for the engine location in the registry under this key/subkey, it will then look for and examine the CompatibleChangelist value in the EngineBuildBuild.version file. If this registry key is wrong or missing, then you can fix/add it.
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREEpicGamesUnreal Engine4.25InstalledDirectory

  2. If it doesn’t find anything in the registry from step 1 it will then start searching manifest files that EpicGamesLauncher leaves behind. In this registry key there’s a folder that lists where they are kept on disk:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWOW6432NodeEpic GamesEpicGamesLauncherAppDataPath

  3. It’s typical for this AppDataPath to be something like C:ProgramDataEpicEpicGamesLauncherData. In that folder is a Manifests folder that contains many .item files that include strings like "InstallLocation": "S:\EpicGames Launcher\UE_4.25". If there are multiple .item files for the same engine version this may be the cause of the installer not finding your engine. Delete any .item files that contain the wrong/old install location.

I hope that this post helps you with any installation issues for the Unreal Connector, let me know if it helped, or if you have any other issues with installation.

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