Does VS no longer come with Unity??

I haven’t used Unity in a few months and downloaded the latest 2020.3.24f1 LTS release. I started a new project, opened Visual Studio which comes with Unity and after a few minutes I get prompted to update VS. I click update and restart, and upon restarting I get a dialogue box that says my Visual Studio for Mac trial has expired, and a prompt to log in to a Microsoft account….??

I have been using the VS that came with Unity ever since like 2017, updating the program whenever it asks me to, and have never encountered this issue before. I’ve never gotten any notice from VS that I was using a trial version. I’ve never been required to log in to a Microsoft account to use VS. I didn’t need to sign in to start writing a script in my project. Does VS no longer bundle with Unity? Why do I suddenly need a Microsoft account? This feels unnecessary.

I have both VS packages installed in my project, and my preferences are set to opening C# scripts in VS. Internet searches on this are not helpful. Could someone clarify? Thanks.


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