An Unreal Engine 5 Experience

Last year, the Xbox Series X and the PS5 came out. Since then, a number of technical steps have been taken. From loading into a game within a second, to the vastly larger worlds of the Marvel Universe in Spider-Man Miles Morales. Games are therefore becoming more beautiful and more and more is possible by expanding graphic options. But we didn’t and don’t think it was really groundbreaking. Epic wants to change this with their Unreal 5 engine. Easy to use and built to produce hyper realistic images. In the demo around The Matrix Awakens they wanted to show how far ahead of the rest they are. A look at the future. JJ and Skate played the demo and discuss what they see and how the engine will change the future of games.

Brings Unreal Engine 5 video games closer to reality

In The Matrix Awakens you can go wild in a fictional city. It starts out as a kind of Rail Shooter. Especially in the beginning, where you see scenes from the new movie, do you sometimes wonder if it’s CGI, just movie or all in-game? Unreal Engine 5 offers many new possibilities for developers. For example, it allows the use of Lumen and Nanite allowing the use of high-poly detailing. And the software ensures that you can produce all this image with far fewer people.

The Matrix Awakens makes us blink

The ‘game’ is a tech demo. Made with the Unreal Engine 5. During the last Game Awards it was announced that the demo was released. And JJ and Skate are now going to play him for the first time. And they sit down for that. How do they experience the acclaimed demo? Do they envision the future? And how realistic can games get? And do we want that? after all, you don’t want to imitate reality. Must be a fantasy… right…

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