FSP 4.0 MQTT gets stuck with no DNS – Forum – RA MCU

Good day all,

I am having an issue where my code gets stuck. It doesn’t hard fault, it just breakpoints in code that doesn’t have source (see below). It looks like this is happening due to an error being logged in the sockets_wrapper file. Not sure why this just gets stuck, is there something I need to implement somewhere? The error is a result of the device not finding a DNS server (to be expected I think since I’m connected directly to the PC and Auto IPing). Any help in figuring this out would be appreciated. See below for more details, thank you. 

FSP: V4.0.0.0

Debugger: Segger J-Link

Viewer: J-Link RTT_Viewer V7.60b

Module Implemented: AWS Core MQTT

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