Fiori Elements / CAP application together with SAP…

When using Fiori Elements with CAP (which is OData v4 service provider), it is required to use drafts when editing data. But the remote OData services in C4C have no support for drafts at all. 

Moreover we tried to implement the CAP application that will wrap around serval external OData services and combine them into a single one. For that reason, there is no real persistent layer, as custom handlers handle all service calls and delegate them to correct external services. Now we’ve come across an issue that draft mode needs to be enabled to add creation capabilities to the Fiori Element app.

Is there another way to allow creation in FE without having draft enabled? Will we have to add the persistent DB layer only to handle drafts?

Do you have any suggestions on how to proceed? Or can recommend documentation that addresses that topic?

Thanks in advance!

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