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Introspective wrote:

Sun Dec 19, 2021 4:23 pm

Agreed. Their VSTs sound like toys.

…which is fine for the digital synths (Triton, Wavestation, M1, Prophecy), but their analog emulations are …


Korg absolutely nailed the ARP Odyssey plugin. I have the hardware and it can sound pretty much exactly like it.

It’s true that some of their older plugins are a bit outdated, but IMO the MS-20 is better than it seems. Again, I have the hardware, and what I found is the plugin has extremely different ranges for some of its parameters. When I tried matching knob positions it was so hilariously wrong I thought it was hopeless. But someone convinced me to give it another shot, and I found I could actually recreate most of my MS-20 sounds very closely by ignoring knob positions and tuning everything by ear. In particular, the filters in the plugin have a much greater frequency range than the hardware. Of course, if you really crank up the resonance, the software just can’t go there. This is true of the majority of analog emulations, but there have been some excellent ones made in the last few years, so Korg should definitely think about rewriting some of their older plugins.

Those are the only two I can speak about. I have Korg Collection 3 but have never had the chance to play with a real Polysix, Mono/Poly, or miniKorg700.

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