ffmpeg – Bicubic a=1.0 (ps 2.0) with 3d surfaces

May I ask how do you filter ffmpeg bicubic so that the output will look equally sharp like mpc-hc evr/vmr surface and resizer?

I’ve already tried -vf flags=bicubic and the output still looks not sharp enough for me. Then after filtering, I’ll just use the overlay mixer renderer (or overlay directdraw of vlc) since it is the only stable out of the other renderer I had. I don’t know if ffmpeg has such a function so please comment down below what you can suggest.

I’m using no scaling and using ffv1 version 3 which means the source is 4k then the output will be 4k too. After getting the output, I’m re encoding it again into lossy format such as mpeg1video and some hardsubbing colored subtitles.

Note: lanczos3 looks too much sharp for me, I just want the output to look like mpc-hc evr/vmr bicubic a=1.0 (pixel shader 2.0) combined with 3D surface. Since overlay renderer doesn’t have that option in their settings (the same as vlc).

BTW, I’m using pretty old Intel HD Graphics 3000 with DirectX compute and supported pixel shader 4.1

CPU i5-2540M 2c4t

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