fbx file fails to generate!

Heya! i downloaded your Fbx convertor tool in hopes to convert one of my half lfie2 maps into an FBX map for an unreal project.
However when converting the .bsp map file, Nothing happens!

All the Bsp2fbx.exe file does is make this log:
Loading BSP file : C:Usersmycomputer3D Objectstestbsp1.bsp
BSP file: C:Usersmycomputer3D Objectstestbsp1.bsp opened successfully!
Version: 1347633750
Number of vertices : 0
Number of planes : 0
Number of edges : 1108986
Number of surface edges : 0
Number of TexInfos : 77582

And then nothing happens!
There is no 1.fbx in the testbsp folder!

Lots of love! 🙂

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