Fatha Big Patch #Vangelis #Bladderunner# #APC40

Accidentally made one of the most Blade Runner – Vangelis sounding patches I’ve heard in VCV.

Settings are set to poop because I’m on a laptop, so first things first fix your settings.

The whole bottom row is APC40 setup. Set each to Channel 1 – 8, monitor to all.

The matrixs are pretty much mutes / vcas to signals from the CS-L back to its modulation. Channel 3 4 / 5 also go to delay modulation. The patch was originally intended to be more noise oriented lol. It still gets there, you just gotta mash a bunch of buttons and turn knobs.

7-8 of device control I thought would be nice to tie to their instrument channel on the mixer. Typically filter / important effect chain (not fully setup)

track control is always the same, and mostly empty. 4 is ‘offset – bogaudio’ voltage, which sets the stereo fade on the pad. 5 is the 2nd channel delay feedback. 8 is a master filter (how would you get this pre effects but still on master??)

This is a mostly baked, all free module patch. Enjoy. Please leave feedback! I’m really happy about it.

Also thank you Dieter Stubler. Your modules are beautiful. Thank you for the the modal patch.

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