FabFilter Pro-R 2 -> Coming Thursday November 2, 2023 – Effects Forum

Oh cool! The intro is out!

If you look carefully at that intro video you can see that it represents the song pretty closely. Those are really all my automation lanes going nuts, the freeze button hits exactly at the correct place in the video too! Nicely done Bas!

Just want to comment on this as there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding of this, going by the comments in the youtube video. Probably the words “IR Import” wasn’t the correct choice of words. They should have called it “IR analysis and synthesis”.. or something like that.

It’s not actual convolution. In a way it’s much cooler than that. It analyzes the impulse response, then synthesizes it and parameterizes to the Pro-R ‘Modern’ algorithm. Setting pre-delay, size, length, EQ and all the damping automatically. Naturally this wont always result in a 1 to 1 impulse response but sometimes it’s damn close!

Personally I think this feature is amazing!

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