Export MOV timecode track as a text file with FFMPEG

I need to check a set of MOV files for broken timecode so I’ve been attempting to export the entire timecode track of an MOV file using FFMPEG.

I’ve attempted this:

ffmpeg -i [source] -map 0:d -c copy -f data data.txt

But it only outputs a small text file with just a couple of characters unrelated to timecode.

Then I tried:

ffmpeg -i [source] -map 0:d -c copy data.mov

and got back a timecode only mov file. Which is closer to what I am looking for.

I also tried:

ffprobe -print_format json -show_format -show_streams "input.mov">"output.json"

This showed me the starting timecode in TAG:timecode

I am looking for a means of outputting the timecode for every frame of video to a text file so that I can then scan it with a python script to look for timecode jumps.

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